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Funeral Planning and the Younger Generation

A question we have seen often in social media when it comes to death is, “When should I start planning my funeral?” or “I’m only in my 20s does that mean it’s too early to start funeral planning?”

The question, when should one start making funerals plans, cannot be answered by a definite number.

Really, we cannot give you an appropriate age to start.

It’s quite subjective to the person wanting to do it and the reasons why they want to start planning.

A perfect example of how some of the younger generation view death and funeral planning are these 2 links to well-written articles by young people about funeral planning:

Why I decided to write my own funeral – aged 33 (Suzanne Bearne, The Telegraph)

Swedish death cleaning: Why I planned my funeral in my 20s (Radhika Sanghani, BBCThree)

Funeral Planning can come in different forms and commitments. .

You can plan every single detail of what happens to you when you pass, funeral viewing, burial, location, choices of flowers, funeral music, color theme, funeral payments, alternative choices – everything about how you want people to celebrate your life.

Or you can just decide on the necessary choices like burial or cremation, who pays for the funeral, and who makes decisions about everything else.

You don’t have to have things set in stone. It can be a work-in-progress and change along with your choices and preferences.

You can also choose to financially commit to a funeral care plan, either pay for it in full or monthly instalments over a period of time with your chosen provider.

What we do recommend, to anyone who is planning their funeral, is to make sure that you share these details to someone close to you. You can share it by email, or sending a link to an online document storage, saving it in a disc or thumb drive, or printing it and keeping it somewhere safe. Sharing your funeral plan with someone close to you will make sure that your wishes are honoured.

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