Choosing Funeral Flowers

When it comes to choosing funeral flowers most people seem to be a bit apprehensive. We asked a few people who have recently bought flowers for a funeral and they said they weren’t sure about whether their choices were appropriate or not.

Losing a loved one is difficult. Having to make so many choices around a loved one’s funeral is overwhelming. So here’s our post to help make choosing funeral flowers an easier task.

10 Common Funeral Flowers:

Magnolias – A white magnolia has been a traditional funeral flower. White Magnolias mean dignity and perseverance.
Lilies – Another traditional funeral flower that means restoring innocence and purity to the deceased.
Tulips – Depending on your colour choice, Tulips may mean either love or forgiveness.
Chrysanthemums – These flowers symbolise death and grief and are only used in Funerals.
Forget-Me-Nots – These flowers mean remembrance of the deceased.
Carnations – Depending the colour you choose, Carnations may mean innocence, love, or remembrance.
Roses – White roses mean innocence while crimson roses mean grief.
Orchids – Generally mean enduring love.
Violets – Violets when used in Funeral Flowers mean faithfulness.
Hydrangeas – Depending on your colour choice, Hydrangeas may mean love, purity, regret, or sorrow.

When you have picked which flowers you would like to use, you need to choose the type of arrangement for your flower tribute. There are 4 main types of funeral flower arrangements.

4 Common Funeral Flower Arrangements
Spray – Traditional and popular choice for a tribute. It is traditionally in a tear-drop shape and can be on a stand or put on top of a coffin.
Sheaf – A sheaf is similar to a normal bouquet of flowers but it doesn’t come with a plastic wrap. It is also a popular choice amongst families and friends when sending funeral flowers.
Wreath – Circular design and may come in different sizes. It is the most popular arrangement for funeral flowers.
Basket – These are more intimate flower arrangements that are often sent to the family’s home before or after a funeral.

The key thing to remember when choosing funeral flowers and arrangements is to choose based on your relationship to the deceased and how you feel is best to show tribute within your budget.

If you need more help with deciding flower arrangements, there are a lot of inspiration you can see from sites like Pinterest.

If you read this post because you are either planning for a loved one’s funeral or planning for your own funeral, we suggest reading our other posts about Funeral Songs or Planning Your Own Funeral.

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