New Year’s Resolutions and Financial Commitments

It’s yet another year dawning on all of us. Looking at this very positively, it’s another year to make memories, be better, and do better.

So, you may have decided to make plans for the future and invest in some later life plans.
That’s great! The start of the year is a good time to commit to planning for yourself as it will become part of your norm as the days and months progress.

Today we are writing a guide on how to keep your financial new year’s resolutions going and your commitments to make them work.

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last

1. Are your resolutions Realistic and Time-Bound?
When thinking of making changes to your financial situation it is best to make sure that you are not setting yourself up to fail. Making realistic resolutions will make it easier to commit to changes. Give yourself a real timeline as to when you want to achieve things. Giving yourself a goal with an element of time will help keep your focus.

2. Keep in mind the reason WHY you are making these changes.
You need to be focused on your goals to ensure that you keep to your resolutions. Always keeping in mind the WHY you are doing things can make it easier to stick to the changes you have made.

3. Don’t dwell on times that you fail.
Making financial changes and commitment isn’t always easy. You may find yourself missing a step or failing at some points in the year but don’t let that keep you down. Keep going and use your ‘fail’ as a lesson.

4. Give yourself smaller goals.

Getting smaller goals or task accomplished will remind you of and encourage you to keep working to achieve your main goal.

5. Consider Incentives and Penalties.
When you are doing well you want to make sure you give yourself a reward and other incentives to push you further. You may want to set yourself some penalties for if and when you don’t achieve a certain goal within its time limit. Having incentives and penalties will give you encouragement to keep moving to complete your goal for 2018.

Whatever you decide to do in 2018, we hope you achieve all the things you set for yourself and keep going.

From all of us here at Family Funeral Care, Happy New Year to you and your family!

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