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Funeral Planning Guide: How Do I Plan My Own Funeral?

Finally deciding to plan your own funeral is a positive step towards getting organised for later life. Funeral planning is only one part of Later Life and you may consider a will or even end of life preferences.

There are a few things you need to decide on for your own send-off and it may take you a few minutes to a few daysto complete depending on how specific your plan will be.

The guide below may not have everything you may want in your funeral but it serves as a start to thinking and talking about what you want.

At the end of your funeral planning, you should share your plans with someone or just tell them where they can find the details of your plans for when you pass.

If you do ever change your plans at any point, make sure to update the person you have shared your plans with or the document you saved detailing your preferences.

Use the guide below and fill in your preferences:

Important Information
Personal Information
Phone Number
Date of Birth
GP Address
GP Phone Number
Next of Kin or Contact Person
Phone Number
Will Executor
Phone Number
Funeral Director
Phone Number
Funeral Plan Details
Plan Number
Provider Contact Details
Digital Assets
I shared my Digital Login Information with:
My Login Details are stored in:
Funeral and Burial Wishes
My funeral will be funded by ( ) My Next of Kin
( ) My Estate
( ) My Life Insurance
( ) My Funeral Plan
My Funeral will be( ) Religious
( ) Non-Religious / Humanist
My Funeral will be( ) Simple and Traditional
( ) Small and Respectful
( ) Grand Celebration of My Life
Something Else ________________________________________
I want a Funeral Theme like
Before my Funeral I want to be dressed in(Clothes)______________________________________________
I want to be visited in a Funeral HomeYes ( ) No ( )
I want to be taken home in my coffin to be visited by my friends and family( ) Yes
( ) No
I want those who will be attending to wear
I want the following people to speak at my funeral
I want the following songs to be played
I want the following poems and readings to be part of my funeral
After my Funeral,l I want to beBuried ( ) at (location) ________________________________
Cremated ( ) and my ashes scattered ( ) or buried ( )
at (location)
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