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Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Funeral Plan

Discussing death and funeral details with family and close friends is something we do not normally do. A lot of people know that dying is something that will eventually happen but would rather not entertain the idea as it makes it more of a real rather than a thought for later years.

Here are our reasons why you should consider investing in a plan as early as today:


Actual Rising Costs of Funerals

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Investing in a funeral plan early gives you a chance to protect your loved ones from the high costs of funeral services. Each year the average cost of funerals has risen and the actual cost for 2017 is a 52%* increase as compared to the cost a decade ago.

£4,078 is the average cost of a basic funeral in the UK for 2017. This is an increase of 4.7% from last year’s average of £3,897.*


You Can Choose The Send Off You Deserve


heart-shaped funeral flowers in pink, peach, and redWe have spoken to a lot of family members of those who have passed away and more than half of them wished they knew more about what their loved one would have wanted.

Getting a funeral plan means you get the opportunity to choose what suits you and your preferences after you are gone. You will get a chance to choose whether you want to cover simple traditional funeral services or include a little extra for a special service.


Giving your family time to mourn

view of woman looking out into the sunset across the oceanLosing a loved one is never easy – it takes a lot from a person emotionally and physically. When you have a funeral plan in place you are giving your family the time to deal with their heartaches and sorrow and not worry about anything else.


Important people in our life deal with loss in different ways and what you don’t want to take that process away from them and replace it funeral worries that you could have planned for ahead of time.


You leave memories and not bills

Older couple on the beach with sunset in the backgroundSome family members we have spoken to about funeral costs have said they wished they had more money to pay for a special service for their loved one. More than a few said they were left with a bill they have to pay over time to the funeral director they have used.

You don’t really want to leave your family with additional financial worries whilst they are mourning and grieving. Take the financial worry away and leave them with very good memories they can keep.


There are a lot more reasons why investing in a funeral plan can be a good idea. It all is about what suits your preferences are and what suits your needs.

If you feel that you want to know more about funeral care plans before taking one outcome have a chat with us! We have experienced and knowledgeable care staff who can answer your questions and we have the best panel of providers which allows us to provide options and choices to suit everyone’s needs, preference, and financial situation.


*Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2017

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