About Us

FFC is the specialist in Later Life and End of Life Planning.  Over the years, we have been helping customers make the right decisions when they choose a funeral plan provider. Our core is to solely work with you and your family in mind.

A Funeral Plan is something that is deeply personal and you need to make sure your plan is cared for by the right company.  After we have spoken at length with you, fully understanding how you and your loved ones would like to celebrate your life, then we can feel confident in recommending the right company for you.


When comparing funeral plans it is important that you know what’s covered and what’s left in the small print. At Family Funeral Care we have compared the market and looked at all the major providers including Golden Charter, Co-operative, Safe Hands, Avalon and Pride.

With funeral costs have risen 33% between 2011-2016* now is the right time to freeze the cost of funeral plan services. You need to make sure you choose the right provider wisely, this is why we have chosen to recommend Dignity. Take a look at our funeral plan top tips section.

*2011-2016 Matter Communications Independent Research

Resources and Articles

To help in your Later Life Planning we have put together a series of articles.  Family Funeral Care knows how personal this planning stage can be and we would like to help make the process easier for you.

I dont have much to say. I wanted to sort out a plan for ma husband and me. I looked online and family funeral care, the staff was dead friendly and i even went to there offices to meet the directors. I felt at home but more import I know they would help me with the right plan